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5 Angels! "What an amazing story! ... This story was full of romance, humor, quirkiness, and great characters. This is a definite must have book. It is something I will read repeatedly just to laugh every day. Praise to Lani Aames as always. She always knows how to write her characters and their story perfectly. I really look forward to reading more of this type of story from Lani Aames."
—Amanda H. for Fallen Angel Reviews

Sexy Christmas story!
"Santa’s Xmas is a lively, cute romp... Rob endeared himself to me when he realized he could get away at any time, but didn’t. Their passion for each other made me blush. Lani Aames has written a charming and completely sexy Christmas story in Santa’s Xmas and I count myself as one of her fans!"
—Talia Ricci for Joyfully Reviewed

Sensual story!
"A fun, sensual story; be sure to check out SANTA’S XMAS."
—Jennifer Bishop for Romance Reviews Today Erotic


by Lani Aames

"What is Santa going to slip inside my stocking this year?"

Chelsea Lowell employs "The Twelve Ways of Xmas" to bag her very own Santa—Rob Sinclair, who takes a surprising turn in the red velvet suit.

Love returns to Sinclair's Department Store to heat up Santa's winter chills...and put the X in Xmas!

A contemporary romance novelette.

Published by Silver Heart Books.
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Excerpt from Santa's Xmas
©Lanette Curington / Lani Aames
All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction.

She stood on tip-toe to lick his earlobe. "If you're very naughty, we might have a nice time tonight."

"Naughty sounds like fun," he responded.

Chelsea breathed a sigh of relief. Using the strand of garland around his neck, she guided him around until the backs of his knees hit the seat edge of a cushioned leather and wood guest chair with a low back and no rollers from the reception area outside the office. Then she put her hand in the middle of his chest, the sensuous softness of red velvet against her palm making her knees turn to jelly, and pushed him down.

The twinkling lights of the Christmas tree reflected in Rob's brown eyes, shielding them from her, but she could tell by the expression he wore that her actions fascinated him. The lights also cast a multitude of moving shadows across the planes of his face from the sharp angles of his cheekbones to his square jaw.

Sometimes, when he sat still and silently studied a report or letter, his face appeared to have been carved from stone. Then he would smile, softening the edges of his countenance, and she'd melt.

She took his arms, placing them on the arms of the chair, and proceeded to tie down his wrists with the ends of the garland, the bulk of it strung loosely across his lap.

In a moment of frank girl-talk about six months before, Tasha had confided in Chelsea how she and Reed hooked up the previous December—the same night Reed had caught the thief who'd been stealing merchandise from the store. Tasha's story had given Chelsea the idea of how to make a play for Rob. He always dressed as Santa Claus for the Christmas office party, and the past two Christmases, she had worn the matching elf costume to help him hand out gifts.

Her plan scared her because if she discovered Rob had no interest in a relationship with her, their mutual embarrassment would send her seeking employment elsewhere come the New Year. Crazy about Rob for as long as she could remember, Chelsea had taken administrative assistant courses expressly for the purpose of working with him.

At the time, his uncle Roger was alive and running Sinclair's, and Rob had dedicated himself to the family business. He'd rarely dated at that point, usually hanging out with his friend Tasha when he had any free time. A few years younger, Chelsea just couldn't seem to catch his eye.

Now, in this one special moment in time, she held his undivided attention...and he seemed very interested.

She tugged the knots to make sure they would hold then walked around him. She knelt and, using more garland, tied his ankles to the front legs of the chair.

He could escape the flimsy strands with one hard yank any time he wanted free, but he remained seated, his hands bound to the arms of the chair, his ankles secured to the chair legs. Chelsea sighed. This delicious hunk of man was about to receive the best Christmas present of his life!

Still on her knees, she ran her hands up the velvet pant legs of his Santa suit, and Rob rewarded her with a hoarse groan.

She rested her hands on his thighs. "You've heard of The Twelve Days of Christmas, right?"

"Sure. Who hasn't?"

"But I bet you haven't heard of The Twelve Ways of Xmas," she said, pronouncing the X, and moved between his parted thighs.

"Xmas?" he asked, arching an eyebrow.

"Mmm-hmm. It's an adult version, and takes place all in one night. A poem instead of a song." She leaned forward until she pressed against his chest. "Tonight, we'll put the X in Xmas."

"Ahhh," Rob said. "You have certainly aroused my interest."

Chelsea moved closer, her mouth hardly an inch from his as if she meant to kiss him. She pretended her hand inadvertently slipped from his arm and let it land in his lap, along the already erect length of his cock. She gently squeezed.

"That's not the only thing I've aroused," she whispered, then swept away from him.

It was a difficult thing to do, but she wanted to tease him as much as either of them could stand before they gave in to their stimulation. Besides, they had a game to play, and if she ripped open the red velvet suit and straddled him right then, all her hard work would have been for nothing.

Not exactly for nothing, but the actual sex would be over too soon. She wanted to savor this night and her time with Rob. In the cold light of morning, he might come to regret his impulsive actions of tonight and tell her it couldn't happen again. He might even suggest she find another job. If that turned out to be the case, she would accept it without complaint or recrimination. Even if it meant her heart shattering into microscopic pieces, she wanted to ensure that she had this one magical night to remember.

Chelsea turned to face him. "There's just one rule. You can't get loose from your bonds unless you ask and I give you permission."

Rob smiled, a thin quizzical tilt to his lips. "And if I break the rule?"

She licked her lips. "Then you'll be punished."

Rob's eyes widened in surprise, but he seemed more amused than alarmed. "Mmm, I had no idea you could be so...wicked."

"There are a lot of things you don't know about me, and that's part of what tonight is all about," she explained. The major reason for the evening she had planned was to satisfy her sexual appetite for Rob, but if they formed the beginnings of a relationship, all the better. "I want you to know there's much more to me than being just your secretary."

"Oh, I'm sure there is," he said quietly. "I've often wondered what you do on your days off, if you have hobbies or special places you go on your vacation."

Wishing I could be with you, but she didn't want to say the thought aloud. She hadn't spent the past two years of her life hidden away and yearning for Rob Sinclair. Well, all right, she had longed for him during that time and years before, but she'd gone on with her life. She dated interesting men she met and even slept with some of them. None of the relationships lasted long because she hadn't found a man who replaced Rob in her heart and made her forget him.

"I sew," she said suddenly, wanting to tell him everything about her. "I spend my vacations on my grandparents' farm."

"That's nice," he commented, sounding sincere.

"Well, tonight isn't about being nice." Chelsea decided it was time to get things back on track. She didn't want to spend the evening talking about her grandparents or how to hem a skirt. "It's all about how naughty we can be."

"I'm up for that," Rob quipped.

"Yes, I can see that you are." She let her gaze travel from his face to his bulging red velvet crotch. "You've risen to the occasion exceptionally well."

She heard him chuckle as she turned her back on him. "Now, let's see what's under the tree for Santa."

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