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5 Angels! "...Santaís Lap was the perfect way for this reviewer to kick off her holiday reading. Lani Aamesí story is a blend of fun, Christmas, romance, steamy sex and a touch of mystery. ...I was very impressed by Ms Aamesí ability to incorporate and balance character development, erotic romance and plot into so few pages. If youíre looking for a book youíll be able to squeeze into your busy holiday schedule, Santaís Lap is sure to prove ideal and may even give you some new uses for Christmas candy."
—Jane for Fallen Angel Reviews

4 1/2 Hearts! "A delightful story with a bit of everything in it; suspense, sex, love. Loved the fact that a certain hunky man took the initiative in making sure that Tasha understands just what he wants, and what he plans on giving her. Definitely a must read for all romance fans."
—Glenda K. Bauerle for The Romance Studio

4 1/2 Kisses! "Santa's Lap is a steamy, sexy tale. It's an easy, quick read...filled with heat and should be read with a fan handy! It will make you look twice at department store displays and Christmas candy..."
—Jayna Gardner for Romance Divas Reviews

4 Hearts! "The premise is decidedly novel and extremely entertaining. The characters will have you hungering for more with each turn of a page. Christmas will not come soon enough. This reader will never look at a candy cane the same way again! ... This is a quick read to get your hormones raging, while putting you into a sexy holiday mood!"
—Janalee for Love Romances

4 Stars! "Santaís Lap is a charming, tantalizing, romantic short Christmas story. ... The sex is very hot. I will not look at a candy cane quite the same way again. Oh Baby! I really enjoyed the fast paced storyline and the additional little adventure in the midst of it. After reading this ebook, I definitely want to lap dance for my partner under the Santa suit. An enjoyable short story to start off the Christmas season. Thanks Ms. Aames!"
—Tallyn Porter for JERR

4 Stars! "...hot story. Tasha and Reed have had feelings for each other for a long time, but they have never realized that the other feels the same. They both soon find that sitting on Santa's Lap is just what they need to get the courage to demonstrate those feelings. Ms. Aames does a great job describing their encounter, using the department store to act out their fantasy and making it seem extra special. The portion of the story about the theft...was fairly well developed and gave a suspenseful feel to this sizzling tale."
—Trang Black for eCataromance

4 Blue Ribbons! "SANTAíS LAP is a fun, sexy read that will definitely put you in the holiday spirit. I donít think I will ever look at Santa or a candy cane the same way again. SANTAíS LAP by Lani Aames is a story nobody should miss reading this Christmas Season or all year long."
—Dina Smith for Romance Junkies

"Santaís Lap by Lani Aames has a red hot Santa, a naughty little elf, and lots of Christmas cheer! ...a short, quick read with lots of steamy scenes...a perfect book to curl up to on a cold winterís night. I definitely recommend it for your Christmas stocking!"
—Delia for Joyfully Reviewed

"Tasha's long-time crush explodes into white-hot passion in SANTA'S LAP. Tasha and Reed both have a list of naughty fantasies, and one magical night in the store in which to fulfill as many of those fantasies as they can. A charming story that will have readers pondering whether they were naughty or nice, SANTA'S LAP is just the thing to keep you in the holiday spirit."
—Jennifer Bishop for Romance Reviews Today

"This short quickie has ensured that Iíll be reading more of this authorís works. I like her style very much and thoroughly enjoyed this tale. Thereís quite a bit packed into this fairly short storyís pages, including one or two things Iíve never tried--indeed, never even thought to. Besides the steamy sex, thereís also a bit of fabulous intrigue, adding another layer to the tale....I love Santaís Lap...I think you will enjoy this highly festive tale, too!"
—Elizabeth for Novelspot

"Ms. Aames has written a wonderfully witty romance with likeable characters. If you are looking for short and steamy, pick up Santa's Lap for a fun holiday escape."
—Desiree Gentle for ParaNormalRomance Reviews

"Lani Aames has a hit with 'Santaís Lap', as it oh, so delightful and insightful as to all that happens to Tasha. Not only is this a book that is highly erotic but the words entice you into a hot steamy read. While heating you up on a cold winterís night, the prose that is guaranteed to make this erotic short story a hit made it well worth every minute. One of my favorite scenes is when they decide to try out the bed, using such interesting items as chocolate covered cherries and a candy cane to tempt and tease each other into pleasure."
—Wendi R. Felter for The Road to Romance


by Lani Aames

"Is that a candy cane in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"

Giving Santa a lap dance he'll never forget, Tasha Elliot captures the interest of Reed Sinclair, the man in the red velvet suit. Tasha and Reed discover their mutual attraction goes beyond mere holiday cheer to last every season of the year.

A contemporary romance novelette.

Published by Silver Heart Books.
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Excerpt from Santa's Lap
Copyright © Lanette Curington / Lani Aames
All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction.

Reed had been away the past three years, managing an upscale department store in the city. When he came back home to manage Sinclair's after the death of their uncle had left the store to the two brothers, Tasha knew it was her chance. After being downsized from her last job, she had begged Rob—who just happened to be the personnel manager—to hire her during the Christmas rush.

The soft velvet mitt slid up her thigh and her clit started to throb. She wanted to spread her legs wider and squirm on that candy cane of a cock, but she couldn't let Santa know how much she was affected.

Tasha needed the job to get her through until she started her new position as manager of a health food store opening in mid-January. Even though she invariably bought a lottery ticket twice a week, the state lottery that had just started last spring hadn't made her a millionaire yet. She also wanted Rob to give her a job so she could be close to Reed.

She should stop this right now, but everything felt too wonderful...the hard cock prodding her butt and the velvet mitt exploring her leg. Santa knew how to use that cane and that mitt.

Rob had hesitated about hiring her because they'd already taken on all the extra employees they needed for the season. But after thinking about it, he'd agreed—if she'd help him in return. Expensive items had been disappearing at an escalating rate since Thanksgiving.

After questioning all the employees, they'd received no leads. Even with surveillance cameras turned on day and night, they'd been unable to catch anyone in the act. Although they had a security guard making regular rounds during the hours when the store was closed, nothing had been seen.

Santa's mitt brushed farther up her thigh and another moan sounded deep in her throat. She needed to stop this. Now. Right now. But the velvet felt so good against her skin she forgot to tell him to stop.

She didn't mind playing detective if it placed her close to Reed. She had agreed to keep her eyes and ears open and let Rob know if she saw or heard anything suspicious from the other employees. Rob had even consented to look the other way when she flirted with Reed, though it was against store policy for employees and management to fraternize.

Tasha didn't want to fraternize with Reed, she wanted to fuck him. Fast and hard. Slow and deep. Any which way he wanted and she could imagine. Thoughts of doing the nasty with Reed set her body on fire. After this little tease with Santa, she'd have to go home and break out the toys she hadn't touched in weeks—after picking up a jumbo pack of batteries on her way out.

So Tasha had agreed, but Rob had stashed her back in Auto Maintenance, the least busy department during the Christmas season except for de-icer, snow scrapers, and anti-freeze. But Tasha didn't care. Being in the store every day put her in close proximity to the elder Sinclair brother.

And it worked! She'd come into daily contact with Reed the past few weeks. She sat with him at lunch in the break room nearly every day. He'd come to her department to help shelve stock with her the few times they'd been short-handed. She was impressed that he'd get down and dirty, with a smile on his face.

She'd like to get down and dirty with him in another way, and the resulting perma-grin would never leave his face.

She and Reed had talked and laughed, but he'd never asked her out. She didn't have the nerve to ask him because if he turned her down, her heart would simply break in two.

When Santa's other mitt covered her breast, his thumb and forefinger easily finding the hard, sensitive peak through the layers of red velvet, her knit sweater, and lacey bra, it was time to bring the game to an end.

She knew Rob hadn't had a date in a while, either. Just the day before they'd exchanged horror stories about how long it had been, each trying to outdo the other with increasingly worse scenarios. Did he think because they were both desperate they could become fuck buddies? No way! She could never screw Rob just to get her rocks off, then sleep with Reed if the chance arose. She just couldn't!

Maybe it was time to call his bluff and watch him backpedal. She rocked against his cock, giving him—and her—a last little thrill, then twirled one finger in the luxurious white beard.

"Tasha's been a very naughty girl this year, Santa." She kept her voice low and breathy which wasn't hard to do because she was already turned on. "She couldn't help herself. Being naughty is a lot more fun than being nice. Don't you think?"

Santa nodded as she twirled her finger deeper into the beard.

"Can you think of some way to punish Tasha for being such a naughty girl?"

When Santa nodded again, he pinched her nipple. Hard. Pain mixed with pleasure shot through her. She winced, but the sensation wasn't unpleasant at all. Then his hands slid down and grasped her hips.

Apparently, Rob wasn't going to call an end to it. She pushed the cap off his forehead and looked into baby blue eyes. She grabbed a fistful of beard to yank it down and—

Tasha froze. Baby blues. Rob had brown eyes. Reed had blue eyes. She jerked down the beard and looked into the handsome, chiseled face of Reed Sinclair.

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