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(Some older reviews refer to Dreamscaper's Desire as its previous title Welcome To My Nightmare.)

5 Pixies! "I love Lani Aames and DREAMSCAPERíS DESIRE is one of the reasonís why. She takes in incredibly unique storyline and makes it totally believable for the reader. ... I loved the relationship between Carmen and Nic, the sex scenes will make your teeth sweat and the storyline will keep you riveted until the very end. ... Itís a mix of urban fantasy, paranormal and erotica that will leave you breathless!"
—Willow Rayne for Dark Angel Reviews

4 1/2 Tombstones! "This novella was a dream to read."
—Shona for Bitten By Books

4 Hearts! "Lani Aames crafts a tale that could be a little frightening. Carmen's dreams are so enjoyable, how could so much great eroticism lead to something bad? Thankfully the author crafts her storyline with a solution to the problem that's even better than dreaming. ... Ms. Aames' scenario building brings the creatures and, luckily, the handsome Dreamscapers, into focus in a way we can see easily in our mind. She seems to give us plenty of material for fantasy in some erotic scenes and battles that are as vivid as a picture. The author does a great job building her characters and dialogue to keep the book fast moving to a sweetly romantic conclusion."
—Dee Dailey for The Romance Studio

4 1/2 Unicorns! "Together Carmen and Nicodemus share a unique love. Although the love they share will come at a price. They must stop demons together, or the world, as we know it will be destroyed. The bitter price could be losing each other forever. This is a great read and I recommend it. The sex is hot and the paranormal aspect is fascinating."
—Anita for Enchanted In Romance

4 Blue Ribbons! "...after reading about Carmen and Nic I can only wish I had a man like Nic to visit me in my dreams, and protect me from all that is scary. Lani Aames' WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE is filled with fantasies only possible in dreams, or are they? I look forward to more stories from Lani Aames."
—Shayla for Romance Junkies

4 Stars! "Welcome to My Nightmare deals with Carmenís dreams and her dream lover, Nicodemus (Nic). Carmen is a modern woman who dreams of a sinfully sexy man who caters to her sexual needs. ... He is Carmenís dream man Ė sexy, dark haired with a voice like melted chocolate. ...the sex between Carmen and Nic is hot... The nightmares referred to in the title are well portrayed and definitely made me think about my dreams. If I ever face the same nightmares, I want a Nic of my own to fight them off."
—Michelle Naumann Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 Hearts! "A tale of havoc, mayhem, lust, and love resides within the pages of Welcome To My Nightmare. ... The romance sizzles between Nicodemus and Carmen to the point of a meltdown. The main character Carmen shows true strength and heart as she finds herself giving over power of her own self in order to free the man she loves."
—Jamie Martin for The Romance Studio

4 Angels! "Welcome to My Nightmare is a highly erotic, dark, entertaining paranormal tale. Carmen is plagued with wet dreams that she yearns for a man like Nic in the real world. Nicodemus is a guardian who has developed an attraction to Carmen. ... Their chemistry just sizzles."
—Tallyn for Fallen Angel Reviews


"Welcome To My Nightmare is truly an awesome story with fresh ideas, vivid scenery, unforgettable characters, intriguing twists and sex hotter than blazes..."
—Mae Powers, author of The Aldairian Ecstasy


Dreamscaper's Desire was previously published as Welcome To My Nightmare.

Carmen King dreams of a handsome man, who fulfills all of her fantasies. But Nicodemus is merely a dream, a figment of her imagination she conjures in her sleep because there is no real man in her real life.

Carmen comes to the difficult decision to find a way to give up her dream lover through an program where sleep habits and dreams are studied. Sounds like exactly what Carmen needs until demons escape through her dreams with plans of turning the real world into a nightmare.

Paranormal romance novella.

Coming soon from Silver Heart books.

Excerpt from Dreamscaper's Desire
Copyright © Lanette Curington / Lani Aames
All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction.

Chapter 1

Lips grazed Carmen's shoulder, followed by a warm palm laid on her arm and a hot body snuggled against her backside. Already wet in anticipation, she squirmed into the rigid cock prodding the crevice between the backs of her thighs. Her clit throbbed, echoing the beat of the native drums deep within the jungle outside the tent.

Kisses were sprinkled along her throat while a hand caressed her arm. Both left trails of heat that burned her skin, claiming her with a brand of desire she'd never experienced before. She moaned, and the sound came from deep within her primal core, a place she rarely allowed free reign.

Fingers entwined with hers and moved her arm upward to rest beside her head on the pillow. A hard, muscled leg prodded her thigh until her knee bent, allowing easy access to her sex. The tip of a cock nudged between her damp folds.

"Yes...oh, yes," Carmen murmured. He thrust hard and deep, and her back arched, hips tilting to meet him each time.

Their bodies rocked together in a divine rhythm, the humid tropical air mingling with their sweat. Carmen strained against him with each backward push. Her body hummed with the mounting ecstasy, and her skin tingled with the slow burn of desire. She never wanted the moment to end, to lose the perfection of their union and the amazing completeness that fulfilled her.

The flash of pleasure took her by surprise. Her back stiffened, and warmth flushed her body. She ground her pussy into him. His hand tightened on hers, and he pumped into her with quick, clean strokes.

"Carmen, yes, come with me."

His ragged breaths tickled her ear, sending quivers throughout her body, and her hips undulated with each wave of pleasure. His movements became frenzied as his iron-hard cock plumbed her depths until he spilled within her, groaning with his released passion.

When their bodies lay still, a breath of jungle air, rich with the perfume of some exotic flower, caressed her sweat-damp skin. The sultry breeze did little to cool her off, but she wasn't uncomfortable at all. She turned to face him—her dream lover.

She looked into his golden eyes, burning bright and reminding her of a wild tiger prowling the night in search of his prey. His taut body, as powerfully built as that of a fierce cat, radiated the spent heat of his desire.

"Nicodemus." She reached up and touched his face, his skin warm and damp and solid beneath her fingertips. "You're here again."

He swept his hand up into her hair and drew her closer for a kiss. When his demanding lips broke from hers, leaving her breathless, he smiled. "I'll be here as long as you need and want me."

"Of course you will. You have no choice."

He chuckled, the sound vibrating deep in his chest. "I do have a choice, and I choose to be with you as often as I can."

"So you say."

He sighed and shook his head, his long black hair moving silkenly over his broad shoulders. The tips of his hair caressed her breasts. "You still don't believe me."

"I believe that you believe it, but how can I think of you as anything other than what I know you to be—a dream."

Nicodemus, her dream lover...literally.

"This whole setup," she continued, refusing to allow the disappointment in his golden eyes to sway her, "the bed, the tent, the drums, and the jungle—it's like something out of an old Tarzan movie. I manufactured all of this out of memories, so I made you up, too."

He frowned, but it was a gentle frown of puzzlement, not disapproval. "Yes, all of this came from your memories. You have woven a sexual fantasy from images you have found fascinating in your life, but I have explained to you that I am not one of your creations. This body I wear is to please you, but I—the spirit within that is Nicodemus—am as real as you." He drew a deep breath. "I am a Dreamscaper, a guardian of the realm where human dreams occur."

So he had told her several times before, and she still didn't believe him. Dreams were created in one's mind, not on an elaborate stage somewhere in another dimension. And Nic's insistence that he was real could only be her subconscious trying to justify why she continued to dream about him and make love to him instead of finding and developing a relationship with a real man.

Nic put his arm around her and drew her close. With her hand on his broad chest, she could feel the beating of his heart. His sweat dampened her palm, and his legs tangled with hers. Nic felt as concrete as any real man she had ever touched.

"I will not be able to come to you as often for a while. The Shadow Demons grow restless."

"Shadow Demons?" Carmen gazed up at him. His solemn eyes darkened.

"The Shadows are the lowest order in the demon hierarchy," Nic explained. "They serve the higher orders, and they are not content. When they attempt to escape into your world, we—the Dreamscapers—always foil their plans."

Carmen stifled a laugh, fearing she would hurt his feelings if she let it loose. Her imagination proved to be much more vivid than she'd ever thought it could be. Maybe she should write a book! Even though her dream lover uttered pure nonsense, she played along just to see what else she would come up with through Nic. "Are the demons here in Dreamscape? What would happen if they were able to get into my world?"

Nic scowled. "You do not want to know."

Scratch the book. Her imagination wasn't creative enough to provide a nasty scenario for the dreaded demons.

"The demons have their own plane of existence, just as other kinds of spirits have theirs," he continued. "The demon plane borders Dreamscape. It is why we are here. The guardians prevent the demons—and any others who might want to cross over—from using Dreamscape and human dreams to enter your world."

Before she could ask more questions, a terrible shriek, like a wild jungle bird crying out in agony, shattered the quiet night. The continuous sound filled her with cold dread. Carmen tried to wrap her arms around him, but he held her away from him.

"You know you cannot," he admonished, but sorrow filled his eyes and deepened the frown on his face.

"No, I don't want to go!" Tears stung her eyes, and desperation filled her soul. She knew he was a dream, a figment of her imagination, but she didn't want to leave the comfort of his arms, no matter how insubstantial they were in reality.

"You have to. I will try to return to you tomorrow night." Nic grew dimmer as the light from the candles faded and the tent started to melt away.

"Nooooo..." she moaned, mourning the loss of her lover. As always, she felt a tug within, as if wire connected her limbs together and some invisible force used it to pull her back into the real world.

"Tomorrow night." His husky voice grew fainter until she could hardly hear it, and he grew indistinct until she could barely see him. "I promise."

Everything around her faded to black...

Carmen King bolted upright, and her eyes flew open. Tears spilled down her cheeks, and a sob caught in her throat. She reached over and slammed her hand on the alarm clock button, abruptly cutting off the sound.

Silence filled the apartment.

Carmen rubbed her face and ran her fingers back through her hair, then rested her elbows on her bent knees. She cast a glance at the empty place beside her. Nicodemus... He could never fill that space. He was a figment of her imagination, a creation of her unfulfilled desire and need. She had conjured him up in her dreams because she longed for someone who understood her completely, along with a warm body to share her bed at night.

He wasn't real, and she had to let go. Let him go.

Tossing back the blanket, Carmen got out of bed and padded to the bathroom. She blinked when she flipped on the harsh overhead light and frowned at her haggard appearance in the mirror. She had inherited the wealth of deep brown-almost-black hair, thick arched brows, and coffee brown eyes from her Mexican-American mother, but her usual creamy complexion with a natural rose blush to her cheeks had come from her Anglo father.

Her reflection looked paler than usual, the rose blush drained from her cheeks and shaded crescents under her eyes emphasizing the many hours of lost sleep.

Carmen ran water in a glass and rinsed the dry cotton taste out of her mouth, then turned off the light. Back in bed, she re-set the alarm for several hours later. She didn't have to be at work at the book cafť until noon, but she'd planned to get up early to run errands and do household chores. They could wait. She needed sleep—soothing, restful sleep.

She lay in bed, but her eyes would not close. She stared at the ceiling with only one thing on her mind.

"Nic..." she whispered.

Once again, she could feel his lips caressing her skin, his hands roaming her body, his hard cock thrusting inside her, bringing her to ecstasy. Her breasts tingled and her clit thrummed with the memory of making love with Nic...of making love to a dream.

Carmen wiped her eyes clear of tears that had filled them again. There had to be more to her existence than mere dreams. She had to find a way to end her dreams of Nicodemus so she could go on with her life.

Coming soon from Silver Heart Books
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